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Peripheral Neuropathy

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Cline Chiropractic of Corona offers an exciting new treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy that is enjoying a huge success with my patients. It uses infrared light that is applied to the feet with the use of booties the patient wears for each 30 minute treatment. Then the use of low amplitude vibration is used on the feet and ankles for 10 minutes to increase blood flow. The final part of each treatment uses conditioning machine that has a mild wobbling platform the patient uses to increase their balance and feet proprioception activity.


Symptoms of burning, tingling, and numbness are very common in a significant amount of patients that are a part of your practice. The use of medication to decrease these symptoms is about all that is available. I would like to invite you to my clinic to demonstrate this new treatment being used on patients and would enjoy talking to you about the procedure. I hope this will help you feel comfortable with referring patients that you feel will be good candidates for this type of treatment.


I know that time is very valuable and it may be difficult to see this in use in my office. So you can watch the above video on the website.


Please feel free to contact me about this exciting new development and how we, as a team, can bring better health and mobility back to you the patient.

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